Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A gift for a friend

So it was recently the birthday of a friend of mine. It's been a long time since I've created something as a gift for someone.

I dug out my markers which appear to be on their last legs (I think I've had them for over 10 years) and also my prisma colour pencils. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Wacom Tablets

So I've been squireling away at my store in the last few days. Mainly through organisation and trying to make quick create products. It's time consuming but should pay off in the long run. (Hopefully!)

I've been doing a lot of artwork too, but have encountered a bit of a problem. I've been using the same Wacom tablet for over 6 years now and it's starting to give up by the look of things. I may need to replace it soon but tablets cost a fair bit and it would be an unexpected cost at the moment.

Here are my 3 newest illustration designs. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pig's might fly

So a about a week or so ago I decided to alter my very popular piggy design so it could be used for wedding themed things.
Flying Pig Bride and Groom customisable Greeting C Big Greeting Card
Flying Pig Bride and Groom customisable Greeting C Big Greeting Card by TheForestofCute
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This week I decided to alter it again in support of gay marriage.
Gay groom pigs may fly wedding invitation
Gay groom pigs may fly wedding invitation by TheForestofCute
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I've not sold any as of yet of any of my new wedding themed bits but I'm optimistic as they are damn cute!

It did lead to some unusual conversations with my family, but not in the way you'd expect.

"Oh hey, what are you up too?"
"I'm drawing gay pigs."
"Guinea Pigs? That's sweet."
"No no, you misheard me. GAY PIGS"
"Oh.. I see. Carry on."

Love is love!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Zazzle Collections - New feature

So today I came across a brand new feature which has just been implemented on Zazzle.

It's called "Collections" and allows you to bundle together items which share a common theme and tag them.

I think this is a really nifty feature as it saves me having to get myself in a muddle when it comes to organising all my designs. I've been torn as to whether I organise my stuff by design or by type.
For example whether I bundle things together as "baby shower" or "stork with screaming baby"

Now I can sort all my artwork by specific design and have a collection to keep similar themes together.

Here is my collection of Baby Shower invitations. 

MuffinPuffART Baby Shower Invitations
MuffinPuffART Baby Shower Invitations
by MuffinPuffART

I'm also in the process of making them for Birthday Cards and other things.

To learn more about collections please visit: Zazzle's own blog where they have a bit more in-depth guide to how they work,  

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Too many ideas

One of the problems I find with Zazzle is I end up having so many ideas but never get around to actually making them. 

I have a huge pile of books I've amassed over the years of doodles, sketches and general notes on what I could be drawing. I'd say that only 1 in 10 of my doodles ever makes it to Zazzle, which is a shame as I "think" I have some really good ideas. 

I'm starting to put a lot more time aside for my creativity and have decided to give myself a full year of solely focusing on my artwork. Just to see where I can get. 

Frustratingly I seem to have misplaced a bunch of my doodles which I really would love to complete. They were little Christmas elves but I've no idea what book I even drew them in. 

I finished one of my designs today which I think has been screaming to be inked for about 2 years or so. 
Stork with headphones deliverers boy baby
Stork with headphones deliverers boy baby by MuffinPuffART
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One down, a bazillion more to go!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Copywright and image pinchers

So on a whim this week I was looking to see which of my images on Zazzle had the most views.

On MuffinPuffART it's my ever popular Shark Birthday Invitation.

Followed by Elliot the Cat looking grumpy at Christmas. 
Grumpy Black Cat Wont be Merry Christmas Cards
Grumpy Black Cat Wont be Merry Christmas Cards by MuffinPuffART
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And then Sophie the Pegasus Unicorn Birthday Wishes card.
Pegasus Unicorn Wishes Birthday Card
Pegasus Unicorn Wishes Birthday Card by MuffinPuffART
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All of which are fairly popular and sell quite well.
I noticed however that on The Forest of Cute one of my images seemed to have a disproportionate amount of views coming from somewhere.
Cartoon Red Squirrel Cut Out
Cartoon Red Squirrel Cut Out by TheForestofCute
Make your own 3D photo cut outs on zazzle.co.uk

By using the right click function of the mouse and using "search google for the image" I discovered the reason it's so popular as it's turned up on a fair few clip art websites. Which is annoying as hell.

I emailed one to take it down and decided I wouldn't look again.

As are artist it's very frustrating when your artwork gets pinched and used in other places.  I dread to think about how much of the rest of my artwork is being used by others without my permission. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Images and organisation

Today I decided to take on the mammoth challenge which is organising my images on Zazzle. 

It should come as no surprise that someone as "scatter brained" as me has terrible organisation skills. I have well over 1000 images on Zazzle including my logos and it had really been bothering me for quite some time that I couldn't find the images I wanted easily.

I tried to go through and stick them into the right folders but it was in such a big mess I decided to just go through and rename them all. 

There is no tagging system in the Zazzle internal images which is a shame, but luckily you can search for them with the correct names. 

Most of my images were called things like "fluffycloud2" but for some reason when typing cloud into the search bar, it doesn't recognise it as a word. 

Thankfully now "fluffy cloud 3" and "paw print background 7" are all much easier for me to access. 

This is going to be especially helpful for me when I am making invitations and cards as I tend to have a lot of little details which I layer up to create my desired effects. 

So although I've spent a whole morning getting things in order, I think I may have saved myself a lot of time in the long run. 


In other news I sold a Giant Birthday card. I didn't even know the greetings card came in giant form. I guess that shows just how long I have I been away from Zazzle.

little princess customisable birthday card
little princess customisable birthday card by MuffinPuffART
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This blonde princess card is a design I made for a separate store called "child like custard" which I ended up merging with MuffinPuffART. The princess cards are actually pretty popular which is great.