Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Forest of Cute and that one pig design

The Forest of Cute is another store I run on Zazzle. I had originally intended it to be where I kept all my simple cute animal designs.

I filled it up with a few different designs and then proceeded to go back to working on MuffinPuffART!
It's become clear over the years that The Forest of Cute may as well be called "That one place with the flying pig design."

Literately all I sell at the Forest of Cute is items featuring the same pig design.
Flying pig dances on clouds customisable sticker
Flying pig dances on clouds customisable sticker by TheForestofCute
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I'm not complaining at all as it is one of my best sellers! It just makes me chuckle that I only seem to sell that design from the Forest of Cute.

In fact this mug:
Flying pig dances on clouds customisable mug
Flying pig dances on clouds customisable mug by TheForestofCute
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Is my second BEST selling design out of all my stores combined.
Part of me wonders if I should just sit and draw more of the little pig for stuff. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Promotion time

Goodness me has it been that long again? I'm absolutely terrible at keeping up to date with this blog of mine.

Anyway I very recently received an email from Zazzle UK telling me I had been chosen to be part of their Designer Outreach program.

Apparently they are setting up a new UK based printing place so it will be quicker to create paper products such as greetings cards, invitations and birthday cards. So they are celebrating by reaching out to a handful of UK based designers and helping them get on track with advice for their stores and how to self promote.

I've just gotten off the telephone with a lovely lady who works for Zazzle and I must say I am inspired! It's been ages since I've actually worked on Zazzle as the new layout really threw me (I saw new, it's been like this for well over a year now!)

She gave me some pointers on where to focus my efforts, helped me with the layout of my store and has encouraged me to get self promoting again.

Apparently Pin-interest is the way forward!

I've just made a Pin-interest special just for my Zazzle name MuffinPuffART!

I think I've missed the deadline for working on Halloween Products, as despite the fact it's still a full month away it's not enough time to get them printed. 

So instead, I shall start my Christmas Promotions! 

As always, here is my favourite irritated cat Elliot!
Grumpy Black Cat Wont be Merry Christmas Cards
Grumpy Black Cat Wont be Merry Christmas Cards by MuffinPuffART
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I just need to get back into the swing of things!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

2013 Zazzle popularity awards - MuffinPuffART Edition

So its been ages since I last posted, mainly as I decided to have a few years out to focus on other things. Zazzle of course is continuing to make me money despite zero effort on my part for this full year. Maybe I'll go back to working hard again next year? As of the moment I am working on other things.

This year I become a Bronze Pro-seller after making over $1000 profit. Which is a huge achievement for me!

Anyway, since we are steadily approaching the end of 2013 I thought I'd share my 3 best sellers of the year.

In first place we have my Shark Birthday Party invitation! (I'm guessing this one is popular with little boys.)
Shark Birthday Party Invitation
Shark Birthday Party Invitation by MuffinPuffART
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In second place, my Pig flying on clouds design on a Iphone case. 
Flying pig dances on clouds customisable Iphone 4
Flying pig dances on clouds customisable Iphone 4 by TheForestofCute
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And finally in third place, a weird Halloween Dinner party invitation.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

MuffinPuffART characters

It's been a while since I last posted, pretty much as I'm terrible at sticking to a schedule and I've been very distracted by other things.  (Mainly writing stuff for the website Squidoo! It's actually very fulfilling writing for Squidoo and it is actually bringing in a tiny amount of income at the moment so hurrah!)

Anyway, since I posted last month about my newest character Elliot, he's actually become quite popular.

I've sold a fair few items featuring his lovely sour face so far, so I'm definitely going to be drawing him more often! I don't know if it is because he is a black cat and because it's almost Halloween, or just because he's cute and people love cats. I guess time will tell!

Today I have another character to add to the mix. She's called Sophie and she's a very cutesy Pegasus Unicorn, or a winged Unicorn or Pegicorn, or whatever what ever you want to call them. I only gave her wings so she could fly through pretty backgrounds and because wings are cool.

Blue and white Pegasus Unicorn Mousepads
Blue and white Pegasus Unicorn Mousepads by MuffinPuffART
Create your own customizable mouse pads online at Zazzle.

I have so many other characters that I need to add to Zazzle, including Chianne the flying Pig, Adam the Peacock, Sandiago the Pink scarf wearing Kiwi, and Mihearty the Pirate cat. 
I however, I first need to draw them!

The trouble is it's almost Christmas, so I've got to turn my efforts onto Christmas themed designs. So it may be a long while before they make it to Zazzle. Oh well! 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I've been writing How to Make Articles!

Hihi everyone!

I've been being a busy little bee recently. As well as my usual adding lots of nice goodies to Zazzle I've been spreading myself out a little more.

I've made myself a website, which if you are a regular reader of this blog you'll know I've been falling out with it fairly often. I like the layout but it needs a lot doing to it.
As well as my website I've begun adding a "Doodle a Day" to both my website MuffinPuffART! on Weebly and also my Facebook Page so that's been taking up a few moments each day.

Now I always like to making something. I can't help it. Crafting is pretty much a compulsion for me, if I'm making something everything else in the world feels right. I know that making things doesn't come easy to everyone, so I figured I'd share some ideas on how to make certain projects.

I have two crafting articles finished at the moment on the awesome website that is Squidoo.

How to make an easy halloween bat hairclip

How to make an easy halloween pumpkin hairclip

I tend to wear these type of things around holidays, it never fails to get a smile from some people. Easy and cheap to make and can be stored away for the next holiday.

I also have a few other How to Articles in the pipelines. There another "How to make an easy Halloween" one I'm hoping to finish either today or tomorrow.

I'm also working on a "How to Make a Rabbit Sock Doll" article, as I love making Sock dolls and I know they are popular at the moment.

Monday, 27 August 2012

GAH! Website building

I'm in the process of building myself a proper homepage for MuffinPuffART!

I've chosen Weebly as my host as a I'm a cheapskate and its completely free, also its pretty easy to use... she says. Well its simple in the sense that you aren't thrown blindly into a sea of HTML or CSS code, and the basic pages they have available look great if not simplistic.

It's when it comes to customisation that I want to pull my hair out. Now I'm not amazing at website programming, I have a basic understanding of it and can just about adjust things without breaking it all, but I am finding this particularly challenging. Which frustrates me.

Thankfully I'm okay with image editing programs and the average computer user may never even realise that my coding is terrible.

If anyone wants a peek while I'm messing with it. I'm trying to make the "body" where I have my writing wider, but when I move it its never aligned correctly and I loose the rounded corners. It's all very annoying. I'm so used to finding FAQs on certain websites where they tell you exactly which parts of the code you need to target, but I've yet to find one for Weebly.

I'm also at a loss on what to put on my Home Page. It's an important page but I'm really coming up blank! 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Soon to be taking Pet Commissions!

I've decided to start a little side business drawing cartoons of peoples pets. I love drawing animals, especially ones with great characters so it seems like a step in the right direction for me. I'm currently trying to figure out prices. Isn't that always the thing with Artists and Crafters? The age old question of how much should I charge? There is such a fine line with it.

The driving force behind my prices would be time. I am genuinely considering doing pet pencil drawings quite cheap just as they don't take me particularly long to draw. I've got a few pencil cartoon samples I need to scan in.
Digital Pet cartoons however would cost a bit more as they can take me anywhere between 40 mins to 2 hours or more depending on the complicity of the design and I really don't want to sell myself short.

Anyway, below is a recent picture I did for a very good friend of mine. It's of her Tonkinese Cat Charlie wielding a Crow Bar ready for the Zombie apocalypse, she and her wife are both very into Zombies so it seemed only fitting that Charlie would be too. I left it a surprise up until the very end and needless to say she was thrilled with the final picture. I had a lot of fun drawing this and I think it shows!

Thanks for reading!